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Jat Link V4 Traveler Package

Jat Link V4 Traveler Package

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Jat Link Computer Bag-V4 Version (Size)
Jat Link - V4 functional shirt (color)
Jat Link - V4 functional shirt (size)

The Jat Link V4 Traveler Bundle is an all-encompassing travel essentials set designed specifically for the modern explorer, containing all the basic accessories you might need on your journey.

The original price is 1,592HKD, this set is only 1,399HKD! What are you still hesitating about?

This bundle includes the following four carefully selected items:

1. Notebook

Designed for travelers, this notebook contains an abundance of blank pages for you to document every captivating moment of your travels. Its durable cover is built to withstand the wear and tear of travel.

2. Laptop Bag

This laptop bag has ample space to accommodate laptops of various sizes. Its interior is padded for protection, ensuring your laptop is safe from impacts. Additionally, its external pockets make it easy for you to carry power cords, mice and other small accessories.

3. Backpack

This backpack has plenty of space to carry your clothes, books, electronics, and more. It has multiple internal and external pockets for easy segregation of your items. Plus, its comfortable straps and back system help to alleviate your burden.

4. Jacket

This jacket is made from waterproof material, ensuring you stay dry in any weather conditions. Its interior has multiple pockets for carrying small items. Moreover, its modern and trendy design makes it suitable for wear in any situation.

The Jat Link V4 Traveler Bundle is the perfect travel companion, whether you're an urban explorer or an outdoor enthusiast, you'll find the travel accessories you need in this bundle.

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