A Detailed Guide to Using Laan GAG Customers and Brands

Welcome to Laan GAG - an innovative platform dedicated to providing high-quality personalized products. We have established cooperative relationships with many well-known brands and insist on respecting and safeguarding the rights and interests of all parties. Here are some detailed guidelines we have for you:

1. Well-known brand authorization policy:

We have established diversified partnerships in the industry and reached formal licensing agreements with major well-known brands. These agreements allow us to legally and appropriately use these brands in our products. We strive to ensure that all agreements are reached on the premise of respecting and protecting the original brand rights.

When using products from these well-known brands, we strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations such as copyright law, trademark law, and intellectual property law. We ensure that the original brand’s identifying marks are fully and correctly retained in all products and never remove or modify them.

2. Customer design guide:

We encourage all customers to create high-resolution designs to ensure that the printed products are of the best quality. We strongly recommend using a resolution of at least 300 dpi, and the dimensions of the design should match the actual dimensions of the final product.

We firmly oppose all forms of pornography, violence, hate speech or any illegal content. We will strictly review all design content and will reject any design that insults or offends a group or individual.

All designs submitted to Laan GAG must be your original work or work for which you have obtained copyright permission. To avoid any copyright disputes, your design cannot contain any unauthorized trademarks, logos, names, or other copyrighted elements.

3. Use of brand name:

Although our products may be based on some well-known brands, we ask that you do not include any brand's name or logo in your design unless you have obtained official authorization from that brand.

Our goal is to ensure that your design translates smoothly and seamlessly into the final product. Laan GAG always respects and protects the rights and interests of all brands. If you encounter any problems during the design process, or have any questions or need more information about the rights to use our well-known brands, please feel free to contact our professional team, we will always provide you with professional help and answers.