Laan GAG cooperation plan

1. Background

Product brand competition in today's market is fierce, and consumers' demands for personalization and diversification are constantly increasing. In order to meet market demand, we are willing to jointly develop a new product brand with our partners, and jointly establish an independent e-commerce website after reaching certain sales results to share risks and create a win-win situation. In this scenario, the "we" below refers to "Laan GAG".

2. Cooperation plan

1. Design and production

  • Design material requirements: Partners must provide designed patterns with a transparent background and a resolution of at least 2000x2000 pixels or above. If materials that meet the requirements are not provided, product customization will not be possible.
  • Pattern types that partners need to provide, such as AI, PSD, PNG and other file formats.
  • Single product customization will be put into the Laan GAG co-branded category, while the series will have its own independent category
  • Cost: Each product design only costs HKD 5,000 ( Jat Link annual membership members can customize products at a price of HKD 4,000 during the membership period) . The cost includes mold opening, mass production, global delivery, warehousing, and automatic replenishment. And without any subsequent additional charges (except for customer returns).
  • Series discount: If you purchase the entire series (a total of 7 product designs) at one time, the customization fee for each product will be reduced to HKD 3,500.

2. Warehousing and Logistics

  • Inventory management: We will be responsible for inventory management to ensure that inventory can be filled automatically to avoid out-of-stock problems.
  • Logistics arrangements: We will be responsible for all logistics arrangements and support global delivery to ensure that products can be delivered to consumers smoothly.

3. Independent e-commerce website

  • After meeting the following conditions, both parties will jointly establish an independent e-commerce website:
    1. Partners need to purchase the product design or the entire series of product designs.
    2. Product sales have reached a certain level of popularity (there are at least two series, each product has sales of more than 100 pieces).
  • We will bear the website design and operation and maintenance costs, and be responsible for subsequent product design.
  • The e-commerce website design time is within 30 days, during which the partner needs to provide materials such as: brand logo, brand promotion pictures, brand introduction, etc.
  • Partners will be responsible for marketing, store operations and expansion.
  • We will receive a certain percentage of the shares (ranging from 5-10% of the shares).
  • The cooperation period is one year, and upon expiration, the contract can be renewed through negotiation based on the wishes of both parties.

4. Sales and revenue sharing

  • After each product is sold, partners will receive a fixed rebate of 5-8% of product sales.
  • Sales reports will not be proactively given to partners. Only at the request of partners, we will proactively export report charts for specified products.
  • We will provide basic channel sales for free, and currently only support (expanding): website, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube.

5. Product quality and design copyright

  • Partners need to provide copyright statements or relevant supporting documents to ensure that partners have legal copyright for the design.
  • The partner's design profile (if applicable) also requires proof of originality/authorization.

3. Cooperation process

  1. Partners need to meet qualification certification. Currently, only partners who meet the following conditions are eligible: Annual membership of Jat Link Merchant Edition or above, directly recognized by the manager.
  2. Partners provide design materials that meet the requirements. If not, corresponding design fees will be paid.
  3. We produce according to the design draft, and open molds for free for mass production.
  4. Product production, mold opening and mass production can be completed within 10 days. Depending on the manufacturer's speed, it may also be completed in 3-5 days.
  5. After the product mold opening is completed, we are responsible for inventory management and logistics arrangements.
  6. After customers place an order to purchase our products, the delivery time is approximately 15 - 40 working days
  7. After the products start selling and the conditions for establishing an independent e-commerce website are met, the two parties will discuss the cooperation details and sign a contract.
  8. If a dispute occurs, you can make an appointment with the existing contact information for an offline/online meeting to discuss how to resolve the relevant dispute.
  9. We will also provide a dispute resolution mechanism, such as: first conduct friendly negotiations, and if the negotiations fail, we can also choose to submit to arbitration or litigation.

4. Risks and Guarantees

  1. Both parties should share market risks and maintain good reputation and fair competition during the cooperation process.
  2. If there are quality problems with the product, please report it to us in time and we will bear the corresponding responsibilities, such as returns.

5. Return Policy

During the cooperation process, both parties agree to abide by the following return policy:

  1. Return application period: Customers can submit a return application within 14 days after receiving the goods. Applications older than 14 days will not be processed.

  2. Return conditions: To apply for a return, customers need to provide the following information and meet the following conditions:

    • Provide a return slip: Customers are required to provide a return slip as proof of purchase.
    • Product Condition: Items must be in their original condition and have not been used, damaged or opened. All labels, packaging and accessories should be intact.
  3. Return handling fee: Laan GAG e-commerce platform does not charge return handling fee. However, please note that customers may be responsible for return shipping costs.

  4. Items not subject to return policy: Final sale items are not subject to this refund policy. In case of special circumstances, customers can contact our customer service team for assistance.

  5. Refund method: After the return is successful, we will complete the refund within 3-5 working days. Refunds will be made to the customer's original method of payment. For example, if the customer paid by credit card, the refund will be credited back to the customer's credit card.

  6. Return process: To apply for a return, customers need to follow the following process:

    • Within 14 days after receiving the goods, log in to the customer's Laan GAG membership account, enter the user center, and select the order that the customer wishes to return.
    • Click "Apply for Return" and fill out the return form.
    • After receiving the customer's application, the customer service team will review and contact the customer within 1-2 working days to inform the return address.
    • The customer sends the goods back to the designated address and provides the tracking number.
    • After we receive the returned goods, we will complete the refund within 3-5 working days.

6. Conclusion

This cooperation will bring good market opportunities and economic benefits to both parties, and provide a low-cost, once-and-for-all passive model for many game developers, start-ups, petty bourgeoisie merchants, personal online stores and other personal business models. .